Education Not Only in Classrooms

The meaning of education isn’t limited to the literacy process in the classroom alone. Comprehensive education also includes character development, creativity, and critical thinking chops, among others. This can also be learned at home and in the terrain, and can be done throughout one’s life.

According to Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim, parents are one of the most important stakeholders in education. Parents can inseminate simple habits to stimulate their child’s curiosity, encourage them to express themselves, and ask questions. This can be achieved by engaging in discussion with their child and reading them bedtime stories.

” For illustration, if all parents in Indonesia read puck tale books to their children for 30 twinkles a day for the coming three times, it’s insolvable for our knowledge rate not to increase,” Nadiem said during the speaking event at the Belajaraya Education Festival 2023, on Saturday(29/7/2023), in Jakarta.”

The Learning Together 2023 event was organized by the All scholars All preceptors movement. The exertion was preliminarily called the Education Fest. Several musicians, officers, and public numbers attended the event, similar as Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, Education and Culture Minister for the 2014- 2016 period Anies Baswedan, Tompi, Tulus, and Andien.

Nadiem added that the habit of reading with children can have a big impact on the future of education in Indonesia.” That is why education isn’t only done in academy. It’s inversely important at home,” he said.

Reading puck tales or other reading accoutrements to children can help their cognitive development. Children can learn to concentrate, fete words, and express themselves. Children who are familiar with reading from an early age also tend to have good language capacities in the future. This exertion also fosters an interest in reading.

In addition, reading stories to children can strengthen the emotional bond between parents and children, as well as develop a sense of trust in children towards their parents. This trust is related to the vacuity of a safe and comfortable space for children to grow.

Nadiem also encourages parents to have exchanges with their children during mess times.” Children should be invited to bandy and asked for their opinions. For illustration, the discussion could be about how shadows are formed. It’s okay if parents do not know the answer. Invite the children to find out together. This will edge the children’s critical thinking chops,” he said.

Actress and prophet of the Indonesian Government for the G20 Presidency, Maudy Ayunda, stated that her mama frequently invited her to bandy effects when she was still a child. Her mama would also ask for Maudy’s opinion, and occasionally indeed ask for indispensable results from her, which encouraged her to suppose critically. The books she had read since nonage also amended her perspective when agitating effects with her mama .

Learn from nature
As for the pen Ahmad Fuadi, he espoused the Minangkabau educational principles, videlicet nature becomes a schoolteacher, to study. According to him, everything in the terrain is a assignment. Humans only need to edge their senses and suspicion to learn from the terrain.

The author of the new Negeri 5 Menara added that traveling to a foreign land can also be a life assignment. This reflects from his experience of moving to Java at the age of 15 to study at a pesantren. At the pesantren, he was tutored to enjoy assignments. Examinations are also interpreted as a means of literacy, not studying for examinations.

“ In my opinion, one of the seminaries of life is wandering. We’re out of our comfort zone, we’re struggle, but that becomes material for( me) to write. For me, learning is( done) throughout life,” said Fuadi.

The Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association( Apindo), Shinta Kamdani, stated that education must be viewed exhaustively. This thinking is important so that the public doesn’t misinterpret education as simply a means to find employment. According to her, education is the way of getting a complete human being.

” We see that education is about link and match to the artificial world. In fact, in the whole education conception, there’s character education, ethics, creativity whose outgrowth isn’t just to work,” he said.

Anies added that education isn’t yet considered as a movement that should involve all parties. According to him, education is still seen as a government program and the stakeholders only.

Despite limited government coffers, Anies believes that the government has strengths in the financial and authoritative areas. still, the government lacks invention, creativity, field experience, and networks. These are generally held by communities, associations, or society, which the government doesn’t retain.

Still, the responsibility to be involved in education is possessed by everyone,” If education is seen as a movement. The government provides space for anyone to be involved in educational conditioning,” he said.






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